Brain Club

Find out what the Trevor Neuroscience¬†Club’s been up to!

The Trevor Neuroscience Club was created with the intention of taking the neuroscience experiences that Advanced Biology gets and bringing them to the rest of the school. The brain-child of Sophie Danielpour (a Trevor senior), the club is run by her and Adam Kern (another Trevor Senior), with help from Michael Rabadi, a doctoral student at NYU, to organize meetings and create the club. Trevor Neuroscience focuses mainly on hands-on activities (like singing cockroach legs and sheep brain dissections) with meetings devoted to seminar-style learning as well. The club is completely new, and has never been done before at Trevor, and everyone involved is very excited to be working on it!








Trevor Brain Fair

On Friday, April 24th 2015, we held a brain fair for the entire upper school. Prof. David Poeppel gave a short presentation about the joint NYU-Trevor study:


Then we had 8 interactive stations about the brain operated by NYU scientists and the Trevor Advanced Bio Class students: